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Proprietary education video from Chiu Sir

  • Have you ever tried walking up and down at home and adjusting the radiator valve by hand with a hard feeling?

  • When turning on the central heating, all heat radiators inside the house will be on for heating the space, even if there is nobody inside the room but with no choice, wasting both energy and money

  • Forgot to turn off the heat radiator after leaving home, and just waste a lot of money?


Facing a high energy price and inflation

Hong Kong people who immigrated to and settled in the UK are facing unprecedented energy price inflation. Although there is energy price guarantee measures, the average household energy bill in October 2022 has already increased by nearly 30% when compared with that in April, and there will be an increasing trend. Especially in cold winter days, our home will consume more energy. In addition, the inflation rate in the UK has reached 11.1% at the highest, hitting a new record for the past 41 years and totally out of expectations. The cost of fuel, electricity, food, and transportation has also risen sharply, leading to a very high living cost and asset depreciation!

Today, I have helped many customers by installing high-quality smart devices to reduce household electricity consumption immediately. With just one installation, the solution is permanent, effectively solving the long-term issue of expensive electricity bills.

Customer Reviews

After taking the course and making my heat radiator smart at my home, it is much more convenient to control and saves me a lot! It is easy to get started by following the videos, although encountered some problems, they can be resolved quickly, thanks to the team for their prompt support!

Kenneth Lau


I installed the BES system for a month, I like it very much as it is so convenient to control by Apps and even you are away from home. Of course, it also saves energy through the easy control mode. The digital sensors also can display the exact temperature instead of the traditional I-V temperature level. It’s worthwhile to install this BES system from a environmental friendly perspective besides economical benefit. The remote support from the Vendor is also much appreciated. I highly recommend to other people.


Danial Ho

Customer Case


Birmingham 實例


Cambridge 實例

Suffolk 實例


Oxford 實例


How much you can save from BES Energy Saving Solution

Earnings for average household with
2-3 bedrooms


After 8 years, you can save more than £3,304
and breakeven your investment !

Accumulated Savings in Pounds (£)

Now there is a very easy way...

Now it has been in the cold winter days, every household has also received expensive energy bills! In order to quickly alleviate the high energy bill issue in the UK, I have prepared a set of free teaching video, such that everyone can clearly understand how to install a smart radiator valve for control the heat radiator inside each room independently through the mobile phone, so as to instantly reduce household energy consumption by 10%-15%. This video tutorial is suitable for those who want to install smart devices by themselves, hope it can help!

No matter where you live in the UK, if you are interested to know more, please click the button below to get more information!

Desmond Chiu 招Sir GoCO

If you want to save £250 a year, please click below button


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