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Our Customer Case in England

Customer Feedback

我和太太兒子居住英國已經一年半,今年英國電煤費不斷增加令我哋都好擔心。好開心我遇到招Sir,佢好快幫我屋企打造成自動化嘅家居,令我可以 唔使記住開閂每間房嘅散熱器和電燈,而又可輕鬆鬆去降低我家的電煤量,立即見效!我太太仲開心過我。原來而家嘅科技能迅速地幫解決咗我哋最大嘅難題,好多謝招Sir推介!

Sam Li


I installed the BES system for a month, I like it very much as it is so convenient to control by Apps and even you are away from home. Of course, it also saves energy through the easy control mode. The digital sensors also can display the exact temperature instead of the traditional I-V temperature level. It’s worthwhile to install this BES system from a environmental friendly perspective besides economical benefit. The remote support from the Vendor is also much appreciated. I highly recommend to other people.


Danial Ho

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