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Unlock Energy Savings
                  with Smart Home Automation

GoCO, the recipient of the UK Innovation Business 2023 award, offers an exclusive innovative energy-saving solution to enhance energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption in the UK's central heating system. This extensible "Brilliant Energy Saver" solution achieves highly efficient energy savings, providing customers with maximum economic benefits with a 100% guarantee and increasing the everlasting value of properties.


By integrating smart devices and innovative technologies from different brands, centralizes the management of entire home automation. This also reduces carbon emissions, moving towards the ideal residence with net zero emissions, and promoting green environmental protection and sustainable automatic energy savings for the ideal sanctuary.




This "Exclusive patent" solution has been successfully submitted for registration with the UK Intellectual Property Office.





✅  Passive Energy-Saving and Automatic Money-Saving

Through smart home energy automation, adjusting energy usage in real-time, you can not only enjoy space heating but also simultaneously save on energy and energy costs, achieving maximum frugality.

✅  Enhancing EPC Rating

Effectively improving the efficiency of the central heating system in your home, thus enhancing your home's EPC rating and allowing you to reduce your long-term energy costs

Long-Term Value

As a homeowner, it makes your property more attractive and increases its market value

✅  Undisruptive Installation

The whole installation can be removable such that it can be totally transferable even if you are moving house.

✅  Most convenient & time Saving

No longer need to control the radiator or thermostat manually, saving your time adjusting the devices throughout the day

✅  No routine maintenance and repair

During the system's lifetime, there is no need for additional regular maintenance costs, avoiding unnecessary expenses.


Is it Secure?

GOCO_England_LandingPage_Icons-135 copy.png

No postal code or address information is required in the system. No GPS location service is required. That means, no one will know where you are except yourself

GOCO_England_LandingPage_Icons-136 copy.png

​Only "Action/Command" information to switch on/off radiators or boiler will be in transit between the house and the Cloud service. No location information will be communicated through the Internet channel

GOCO_England_LandingPage_Icons-137 copy.png

No Video/Image will be captured during the system operation Information is encrypted using industrial SSL Standards for maximum data protection

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Ensuring privacy and security, the entire system is built without cameras, and the communication between smart products is highly encrypted.



Research Data

In 2013, the German Fraunhofer Institute conducted a simulation study on energy efficiency, focusing on the application of human presence detection and weather forecasting in heating control system automation.Research data shows that on average, users can save up to 24% in energy consumption


Unrefurbished building
Single usage

Unrefurbished building
Single family house
Family usage

Heating energy need [kWh/(m2a)]

Fig.1: Net heating energy savings for an unre-furbished apartment occupied by a single and for a single family house, occupied by a family.

Smart Home Energy Automation


Through high-quality smart products and leveraging advanced Internet of Things (IoT) technology, these products can be interconnected and communicate with each other to achieve automatic switching of radiators, thereby achieving energy savings and cost-effectiveness.

A video showing how the system works for you

Key Functions


Turn off radiator automatically when nobody at home

When someone leaves the room, the human sensor can detect there is no human presence so that the radiator and the light will be turned off automatically to save energy and money

Controlling radiators automatically to save energy

Compared with the traditional way of controlling the radiator or lighting switch by hand, home automation will certainly help you save money and energy more effectively.


Preset radiator on/off time to avoid wasting energy

According to your living habits, you can set a time schedule to switch on or off the radiator in every room. Therefore, the radiator and lighting will be turned off at a certain time, so you can have no worries about wasting unnecessary energy.

Window opening detection reminds you to close the window for saving energy

The smart radiator thermostat can sense whether the window is open or not, The mobile app will alert you when the radiator is turning on while the window is being opened


Control radiators and lights anytime, anywhere to ensure that no energy is wasted

At home, the lighting and radiator can be controlled through mobile apps or voice commands anytime and anywhere. Even if you go out and forget to turn off the lights or radiator, you can control any time through the mobile app to ensure that no energy is wasted.

Use the most energy-efficient way to achieve comfort  temperature at any time

When someone enters the room and the room temperature is lower than a specified threshold, the radiator will be turned on automatically. Along with the increase in the room temperature, the automated system will turn off the radiator when not necessary.


One-time installation leads to permanent energy savings.

Experience the true value of smart home energy automation and
enjoy the most effective, economical, and convenient way for money saving forever.

Estimated Average Energy Bill / Month


*Cold Season Consumption ~ Warm Season Consumption with 40% more


Through smart home energy automation, when you use radiators, the system will instantly help you save a portion of energy consumption. This will vary each month, with more savings during colder months. The larger the room, the more you can save

Whether you use electricity, gas, or even other fuel sources to supply the central heating system, you can still save energy consumption and, therefore, save money


By connecting other smart heating devices to the smart sensors, higher energy-saving efficiency can be achieved.


More significant energy savings of 25% to 40%


Comparison after extending the system


Check Your Heat Radiator Is Eligible?

Your home can be installed with the BES system for energy saving whenever it is running a central heating system with compatible water-based heat radiator valves, no matter whether you are Tenant, Homeowner or Landlord.


Thank you for your advice! we will reply as soon as possible


Enjoy an Energy-Saving System for Saving 20%-30% on Your Energy Bills While Having a Warm Comfortable Home

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Subscription Plan

With the fluctuations in energy prices and inflation in the UK, how can we easily and comfortably achieve 'passive energy savings' and 'automatic cost savings' in our homes without worrying about expensive electricity bills? Through a minimal subscription plan, you can start reducing your household electricity consumption by 20 to 30% instantly, without wasting unnecessary expenses, effectively combating current inflation. It also helps reduce carbon emissions, contributing to long-term environmental conservation!


Before choosing the right subscription plan, please remember that the more radiators you select, the more you can save on electricity bills in the long run. Success means passive energy savings and automatic cost savings.


Now, please press the button below to learn more about the various monthly plans and start your energy-saving program instantly!"


Why do so many customers choose the fastest and most effective
Brilliant Energy Saver Solution 

 Effective* Reduce energy bills by 20%-30% and solve the problem of long-term expensive electricity and coal bills.


 No matter whether energy prices rise or fall in the future, it can effectively reduce customers’ energy expenses in the long run


 It can help you save electricity and money within one day at the earliest, and it can be used permanently without regular maintenance costs.


 Improve your home’s energy consumption rating in as little as one day


 Provide home IoT connection services and cloud services, integrate all smart products, facilitate management, and enjoy the energy-saving effects of home automation


 Through the unique cloud service, users can enjoy home automation functions to achieve more effective, time-saving, and money-saving energy-saving effects


 After installation, there will be an online ZOOM meeting with technical support


The most effective reduction in electricity and coal consumption depends on the number of hardware replacements in the heating system. Under our advice, we recommend that the whole house be replaced with appropriate smart devices to effectively reduce the energy consumption and electricity consumption of the whole house. cost, save more energy costs.

Our Service Scope and Guarantee


100% Guarantee:
Guaranteed to save electricity and gas bills​.


The communication process of this system is all encrypted, which absolutely guarantees the security of communication and protects the privacy of customers. It is safe and reliable.


Product safety guarantee:
All smart products comply with the CE or UKCA safety specifications set by the United Kingdom, fully comply with world safety standards, are harmless to the human body, and are absolutely safe!


90-Day Money Back Guarantee:
We want to give you enough time to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase

Price_v4_EN copy.png

Please refer to the money back guarantee terms for details

Customer Case


Extensible Home Security Protection

With the extensible home security feature, the control pad can be integrated with the smart doorbell to show who is outside your home automatically or whenever someone rings your doorbell, without clicking any button, giving you peace of mind


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