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Voice Activated Control System

Trigger Fog Protection to block burglar within seconds

Patented Technology

Highest Speed & Density fog protection system

Maximum Safety with Certified Protection

Non-toxic fog with food grade certification 

Highly Flexible and Automated

Integrable with other smart security system to deliver powerful anti-intrusion system

The advancement of technology has significantly enhanced our home security. Even if burglars break into our homes unexpectedly, the latest smart technology can provide unprecedented security and protection. The TPM Smart Fog Security System is the first security system that combines smart technology with anti-intrusion fogging system, offering customers highly confidential, flexible, and comprehensive security protection. Our anti-intrusion fog is certified to international standards, suitable for long-term even in food environments, providing durable and effective defense for individuals and properties. It eliminates the threats of robbery and burglary, and is gaining reputation and trust from both commercial and residential customers.

Through cutting-edge smart technology and the use of revolutionary fogging systems, we provide users with unparalleled protection against theft and intrusion. This solution truly prevents 97% of thefts, as intruders are unable to see or steal anything after the fogging system has been triggered. This ensures that burglars, even if they manage to enter, but can't do anything, ensuring the complete protection of life and property without compromise on safety.

Effectively Foiled 97% of Theft Cases

With the world's leading fogging system, adopted in over 80 countries globally and being used in multiple alarm industries, it is absolutely safe, reliable, and effectively foiled both robbery and burglary cases, offering you safety without compromise!

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Why Choosing TPM Smart Fog System


No need to pay long-term subscription fees

No monthly or annual subscription fees, making your security system more economically sustainable in the long run


Instant voice-activated fog emission

The first in the security industry, using voice to trigger instant emission of fog within 2 sec to allow property owner to take complete control of the scene of when to release the anti-intrusion fog to defend against thieves, instantly stopping their further actions and achieving the immediate dispersal of intruder

food grade.png

Using food-graded fog, ensuring absolute safety for both humans and food

International certified to guarantee the compliance of the fogging system to meet the technical standard requirement. The quality and quantity of fluid used by the fogging system has been verified to certify its absolute non-toxicity and the absence of residues once it has turned into fog, and even food can be eaten after in touch with the fog


Highest speed and density fog emission

Speed and density play a crucial role. The patented diffusion and pump technology are designed and built to achieve ultimate high density and speedy fog emission in order to generate a dense, disorienting artificial fog wall within seconds, reducing visibility to zero instantly. This effectively conceals all objects, preventing intruders from proceeding with theft and prompting them to immediately search for an exit


Highly flexible and automated

The entire system is managed by an exclusive private server, designed to create anti-theft and intrusion prevention strategies based on customer needs. This enhances customer privacy, providing them with greater peace of mind for protecting the property

Unique features of the product


1. Instant Voice activation for fog emission

Initiate anti-intrusion fog instantly through Alexa voice command, allowing users to set custom voice commands to trigger the fog


4. Automated mode operation

Can be integrated with smart devices, intelligent security systems, etc., allowing property owner to automatically activate the anti-intrusion fog to ensure security when they are out of the property or traveling in the event of a break-in


2. Seamless integration with alarm systems / cameras / doorbells

The fogging system can be seamlessly integrated with alarm systems, cameras, and doorbells. In the presence of any suspicious individuals, they are promptly displayed on the main control panel screen, the anti-intrusion fog and alarm can be instantly activated to drive away intruders, providing a strong level of security

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3. Equipped with remote control mode

Through the use of a smartphone and control panel, property owner can remotely activate and deactivate the anti-intrusion fog in any situation, ensuring security when they become aware of a break-in


5. Equipped with an emergency button

Property owner can also use the emergency button to instantly activate the anti-intrusion fog, resisting and effectively preventing the actions of intruders, allowing for a quick escape from the scene when needed

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6. Equipped with a backup power supply

The system features innovative heater isolation technology, maintaining a constant temperature at all times. It can operate for an extended period, ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 hours, even in the absence of power supply 


7. Operate as usual even without Wi-Fi

If the Wi-Fi suddenly disconnects, the anti-intrusion fog system can continue to operate through the emergency button, ensuring safety and reliability


8. Adjustable anti-intrusion fog spraying time

Based on the protected space's volume, you can set and adjust the anti-intrusion fog spraying time duration to cover the entire space

Business Partner and Certification of Conformity


The first manufacturer of Fogging Systems to have obtained the Certification of Conformity


Quality and performance certified worldwide

food safety.png

The generated fog has been tested and certified according to the Food Contact regulation to meet food products without altering its composition and organoleptic properties. Tests carried out in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004


Eric Hong

The security fogging system has been a game-changer for protecting my house. It's quick response time and impenetrable fog provide a sense of security like never before. It worthwhile to be considered for anyone serious about safeguarding their property!

Ang Wei

I've experienced the efficiency of the security fogging system recently. The fog was deployed instantly when the backdoor of my house has been opened during a night due to unknown reason. I believed it's the fog that has blocked the burglary likely to happen if I haven't installed it.

Andrew Taylor

 Investing in the security fogging system was one of the smartest decisions for safeguarding my own house, and I can have a peace of mind even when I'm on travel for a month!

Dave Allen

This fogging system is nothing short of incredible. It is amazing as it works great with the smart home control and it offers me flexible control over when and how the fog can be released.

The following locations requires high-level protection with smart alarms and fogging system 


Banks / ATMs​


Corporate and Industrial Spaces


Commercial Shops


Residential and Garages


Deposits and Warehouses


Vehicles and Transportation

An advanced and safe TPM Smart  Fog Security System. It’s professionally monitored 24/7 without costly monitoring fee.

No contracts. No subscription fee. Just total peace of mind.

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