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Long-term Effective IoT Energy-saving Solution


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GoCO has tailor-made for you a One-Stop Brilliant Energy Saver solution in the UK, which is 100% guaranteed to help you save energy and money, improve the EPC rating of your house and make your house adjusting the space heating for you! Through our smart home IoT technology, the heating and air conditioning  system at your house can be automated and monitored by yourself, and hence you can manage your heating system with the most cost-saving, effective, convenient but also environmental friendly energy-saving solution in the world, through our innovative technology that has been applied for patent registration.



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Customer Case


Customer Feedback


Why do so many customers choose the fastest and most effective
Brilliant Energy Saver Solution 

 Effective* Reduce energy bills by 20%-30% and solve the problem of long-term expensive electricity and coal bills.


 No matter whether energy prices rise or fall in the future, it can effectively reduce customers’ energy expenses in the long run


 It can help you save electricity and money within one day at the earliest, and it can be used permanently without regular maintenance costs.


 Improve your home’s energy consumption rating in as little as one day


 Provide home IoT connection services and cloud services, integrate all smart products, facilitate management, and enjoy the energy-saving effects of home automation


 Through the unique cloud service, users can enjoy home automation functions to achieve more effective, time-saving, and money-saving energy-saving effects


 After installation, there will be an online ZOOM meeting with technical support


The most effective reduction in electricity and coal consumption depends on the number of hardware replacements in the heating system. Under our advice, we recommend that the whole house be replaced with appropriate smart devices to effectively reduce the energy consumption and electricity consumption of the whole house. cost, save more energy costs.

Our Service Scope and Guarantee


100% Guarantee:
Guaranteed to save electricity and gas bills​.


The communication process of this system is all encrypted, which absolutely guarantees the security of communication and protects the privacy of customers. It is safe and reliable.


Product safety guarantee:
All smart products comply with the CE or UKCA safety specifications set by the United Kingdom, fully comply with world safety standards, are harmless to the human body, and are absolutely safe!


90-Day Money Back Guarantee:
We want to give you enough time to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase

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Please refer to the money back guarantee terms for details

One-Stop Solution Brilliant Energy Saver
< Radiator >


It is suitable for customers who like to install by themselves, no need to wait for any person to come on-site, just install according to GoCO's exclusive demonstration video, it is more economical, more convenient and faster!

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Teach Users to DIY Their
Own Installation

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GoCO Smart Home Automation & Cloud Connection Service

•  1-2 weeks express delivery

•  Smart Control Pad included and shipped to your home

•  BES system purchasing instruction

•  Video Installation Guidance

•  DIY installation by customer at their own pace

•  Professional cloud service set up and connection

•  Customised automation

•  1 year online and remote technical support service

•  1-to-1 technical support for the installation

•  Cloud service fee £2 per month included for the 1st year


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It is suitable for you who need one-stop professional installation service. GoCO provides professional on-site installation service to make you feel more at ease.


  Takes 2 - 4 Weeks

  Special personnel on-site installation and replacement of products
  Working with Scenario Blueprints

  Set up cloud and smart product connection service

  Provide the Home Automation

  Reward System*

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This will be the Most Money Saving
Most Effective and Most Long Term
energy saving solution in 2023

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  • FAQ 1:If BES energy saving solution is to be installed, what is the requirement of the radiator at your home must meet?
    Ans: The radiator needs to have a Thermostatic Radiator Valve
  • FAQ 2:Are the smart devices safe for long-term usage? Are they harmful to the human body in the long run?
    Ans:Smart devices have been widely used in our daily life, they are absolutely safe and will not cause any harm to the human body.
  • FAQ 3:Shall the installation of the BES energy saving plan be in compliance with the UK Building Regulations due to the change in the home facilities?
    Ans:The BES energy saving solutions do not alter any building structure, so it does not violate any building regulations and is completely legal.
  • FAQ 4:Do I need to replace the radiator in my home so that it can be intelligent, so as to reduce electricity and coal costs?
    ANS:No, just replace the thermostat switch of the radiator.
  • FAQ 5:I have applied for the "Fixed Rate Tariff" or "Monthly Direct Debit Payment" with the electricity company. Can I save on the electricity bill?
    ANS:No, because these programs can't help you reduce your energy usage
  • FAQ 6:I have installed the smart thermostatic radiator valve by myself and can control it with my phone. What's the difference between using a Brilliant Energy Saver and just controlling the phone by myself? Why do I need to join the Brilliant Energy Saver plan?
    ANS:The Brilliant Energy Saver solution is designed based on the concept of home automation, combined with the IoT (Internet of Things) technology, so that users can effectively save energy 7x24 without manual control, achieving the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving effect.
  • FAQ 7:I have already used thermostats and timers to control the central Boiler at home. Why do I need to install a smart thermostatic radiator valve?
    ANS:The central boiler can only handle when turning on the central heating, not the radiators in individual rooms.
  • FAQ 8:After joining the Brilliant Energy Saver, all the systems are automated. Is it easy to change any settings of the plan?
    ANS:Users can change the settings through the system control panel or mobile phone, to change any settings, which is more convenient and fast!

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