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In 2025, the government will revise its regulations to require properties to achieve a minimum EPC rating of Grade C for letting or renting purposes. If your property does not meet this requirement, what you can do to comply with the new regulation?

There are many options available in the market to improve the EPC rating of the property. Which solution is the simplest, most effective, and most convenient?


As an HMO landlord, is there an easy way to track the monthly energy consumption of each tenant that is known even in Hong Kong?

I would like to increase my return on investment. Is there any method to make my property in the UK more attractive and marketable?

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GoCO has tailor-made for you a One-Stop Brilliant Energy Saver solution in the UK, which is 100% guaranteed to help you save energy and money, improve the EPC rating of your property and make your property more competitive! Through our smart home IoT technology, the heating and air conditioning  system at your property can be automated and monitored 24x7 remotely, and hence you can manage your property with the most cost-saving, effective, convenient but also environmental friendly energy-saving solution in the world, through our innovative technology that has been applied for patent registration.

Inventor of BES Energy Saving Solution

Desmond Chiu


Desmond is the co-founder of GoCO Limited. With a Master's degree in Information Technology and a Bachelor's degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering, he possesses a strong academic background in these fields.


With over 28 years of work experience in Computing and IT-related roles,  he has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in the industry. Additionally, he has over 18 years of teaching experience at the Hong Kong Open University, sharing his expertise with aspiring students. Notably, he is an esteemed expert in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, constantly driving innovation and advancements in this field. With his remarkable achievements and contributions, he plays a pivotal role in the realm of technology and is highly regarded within the industry.

Desmond Chiu 招Sir GoCO

How Can "Home Automation" Help?


Demo Scenario



家居透过安装最优质的智能产品, 运用精湛的物联网先进技术,将产品互相连接、互相沟通联系,达至自动开关散热器,实现节能又悭钱


Unrefurbished building
Single usage

Unrefurbished building
Single family house
Family usage

Reference House

Test Home

Heating energy need [kWh/(m2a)]

Research Data

In 2013, the German Fraunhofer Institute has conducted an energy-saving simulation study on heating control system using human presence detection and weather forecasting technology. According to the study, the housing samples in the test can save an average up to 24% in energy by switching the heating on and off according to human presence detection alone. The Brilliant Energy Saver energy saving solution is designed based on this concept.

Fig.1: Net heating energy savings for an unre-furbished apartment occupied by a single and for a single family house, occupied by a family.

Customer Case


Customer Interview

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Accumulated Savings in Pounds (£)

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Why do so many customers choose the fastest and most effective
【 One-Stop BES energy saving solution

✔ Effectively reduce energy bills by 20%-30%, and solve the problem of long-term payment of expensive energy bills

✔ Just install it once and use it forever, no need to worry anymore

Each smart product device has passed the test and meets the safety requirement

Provide home IoT connection services and *cloud services, integrate all smart products, and facilitate device management

Through our unique *cloud service, users can enjoy home automation functions to achieve more efficient, time saving, money and energy saving effects

Provides smart devices for **every room or hallway throughout the house without replacing the original radiator or lights

Make home appliances smart for customers, without having to replace any radiators or lights in the home, but you can enjoy the energy saving effect as a result of  home automation

Before installation, ensure that the unit you live in meets the minimum requirements for installing the energy saving plan

Provide professional consulting and evaluation services for customers to ensure maximum savings for customers

Suitable for installation in different types of properties

Remarks*   Cloud service requires an annual subscription fee of £24

Remarks**  The number of hardware required depends on the needs of the customers. As a suggestion, it is recommended that the whole house be replaced with suitable smart devices, which can effectively reduce energy consumption and save more money.

Our Service Scope and Guarantee


100% Guarantee
to save energy bills

 *30 Days Refund Guarantee
Allow you have enough time to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase


onsite installation


Zoom meeting
After installation,
there will be online 

Technical Support every week


No additional annual maintenance and warranty costs are required
No need to add any products

Remarks*   For details, please refer to the Money Back Guarantee Policy

Remarks**  The free on-site installation depends on which particular BES plan the customer has chosen

One Stop Solution Brilliant Energy Saver
< Radiator >


适合喜欢自行安装的客户 ,无需轮候专人上门,只须安照GoCO独家示范影片安装,更悭钱、更方便、更快捷 !

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This will be the Most Money Saving
Most Effective and Most Long Term
energy saving solution in 2023

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  • FAQ 1:If BES energy saving solution is to be installed, what is the requirement of the radiator at your home must meet?
    Ans: The radiator needs to have a Thermostatic Radiator Valve
  • FAQ 2:Are the smart devices safe for long-term usage? Are they harmful to the human body in the long run?
    Ans:Smart devices have been widely used in our daily life, they are absolutely safe and will not cause any harm to the human body.
  • FAQ 3:Shall the installation of the BES energy saving plan be in compliance with the UK Building Regulations due to the change in the home facilities?
    Ans:The BES energy saving solutions do not alter any building structure, so it does not violate any building regulations and is completely legal.
  • FAQ 4:Do I need to replace the radiator in my home so that it can be intelligent, so as to reduce electricity and coal costs?
    ANS:No, just replace the thermostat switch of the radiator.
  • FAQ 5:I have applied for the "Fixed Rate Tariff" or "Monthly Direct Debit Payment" with the electricity company. Can I save on the electricity bill?
    ANS:No, because these programs can't help you reduce your energy usage
  • FAQ 6:I have installed the smart thermostatic radiator valve by myself and can control it with my phone. What's the difference between using a Brilliant Energy Saver and just controlling the phone by myself? Why do I need to join the Brilliant Energy Saver plan?
    ANS:The Brilliant Energy Saver solution is designed based on the concept of home automation, combined with the IoT (Internet of Things) technology, so that users can effectively save energy 7x24 without manual control, achieving the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving effect.
  • FAQ 7:I have already used thermostats and timers to control the central Boiler at home. Why do I need to install a smart thermostatic radiator valve?
    ANS:The central boiler can only handle when turning on the central heating, not the radiators in individual rooms.
  • FAQ 8:After joining the Brilliant Energy Saver, all the systems are automated. Is it easy to change any settings of the plan?
    ANS:Users can change the settings through the system control panel or mobile phone, to change any settings, which is more convenient and fast!
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Immediately click the link above to solve the long-term expensive energy bill issue

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