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Proprietary education video from Chiu Sir

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Installation Education Video

Find out if your home's radiators are eligible?

It is believed that you have already known how easy to do replacement by a smart radiator valve! If you are interested in installing smart devices yourself, then you can immediately reduce your household energy consumption by 10% to 15%. Check out the brand of your existing radiator valve at your home now, and get our < 8 Steps Energy Saving Online Course> installation tutorial immediately.


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The installation tutorial is designed
for below persons

Peoples_2 copy.jpg

Save 10% - 15% energy bills immediately

DIY for the installation but zero
knowledge of smart devices or


To experience controlling your heat
radiators with mobile apps and schedule


To purchase the required devices by


It only takes 8 lessons to intelligentise your space heating environment


Lessons are easy to understand with
voice and video narration

By completing the course
you can successfully achieve

 An App allows you to conveniently and quickly control the temperature of each room independently


 Preset radiator switching on/off time, flexible usage to avoid wasting energy


 Windows open detection prompts you to save energy


 Remote control and monitoring of the radiator makes you feel more at ease when you go out


 Help you reduce energy bills by 10-15%


 Say goodbye to traditional manual control and welcome the home automation for energy saving

Let you save at least £250 a year


You will get...

Don't miss the chance for the rich benefits

✔ 8 Steps Energy Saving Online Course ...........
(Original Cost £638)

  • How to purchase suitable smart hardware to intelligentise your heat radiators

  • Detailed instructions on how to do replacement by smart radiator valve

  • Step by step for connecting required hardware

  • How to connect smart hardware to home Wi-Fi

  • How to install and configure the mobile app

  • Smart radiator valve connection and setup

  • How to use the mobile app to control your smart radiator valve

  • How to preset schedule to control smart radiator valve

  • How to allow family members to control the smart radiator valve at the same time

  • How to "set your voice" to switch on and off your smart radiator valve

✔  BONUS 1 : VIP Group Support + Q&A..... (Price£220)

✔  BONUS 2 : Soupmama Healthy Chinese Style Soup Coupon (Price£60)
✔  BONUS 3 MindRest Spine Care Discounts (Price£117)


100% Guaranteed Security Protection

We adopt a multi-layer protection system, so your payment and personal information will be protected by multiple layers of defense, and there will never be any disclosure!

Total Price: £1,035

Now Only: £68

My family has been living in the UK for about one and a half year, and we are quite worried about the rising energy bills in the UK. I’m so happy to meet with Chiu Sir, who quickly helped me to build up automated heat radiators at home, so that I can easily reduce energy bills for my house without having to remember to switch off the radiator and light in each room, with immediate effect! My wife is even more happier than me, and realize that the current technology can help solving our biggest problem, thanks to Chiu Sir for the recommendation!

Sam Li


I installed the BES system for a month, I like it very much as it is so convenient to control by Apps and even you are away from home. Of course, it also saves energy through the easy control mode. The digital sensors also can display the exact temperature instead of the traditional I-V temperature level. It’s worthwhile to install this BES system from a environmental friendly perspective besides economical benefit. The remote support from the Vendor is also much appreciated. I highly recommend to other people.

Danial Ho


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Will you be the next person to reduce your household energy bills instantly?

If you want us to install smart radiator valves for your home, or want to install "One-Stop BES energy saving solutions" in order to immediately reduce energy bills by 20%-30%

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